Western Red Cedar Gates and Outdoor Wood Products – Material Description & Warranty
Pacific Gate Works gates and outdoor wood products are designed and constructed to last for many years provided the products are properly maintained.  As with other outdoor woods, kiln dried Western Red Cedar should not be allowed to absorb excess moisture or to dry out excessively, otherwise the life and condition of the product will be compromised.  A good sealing finish applied before the product is installed and reapplied as needed is imperative to preserve the good condition of the product and to get the most life out of your Pacific Gate Works product. 

Pacific Gate Works provides a one-year limited warranty to cover manufacturing defects.
With proper care your product will last for many years to come.

Material Description

Surface Characteristics:  Pacific Gate Works products are partially or entirely constructed from wood and may contain aspects that are considered inherent characteristics of wood based products.  These include, but are not limited to, knots, knot holes, minor splitting along the direction of the wood grain which does not impact the structural integrity of the structure, slight checking at board ends, twisting, cupping, small dents (less than 1/8in deep, less than 1/4in wide) and color variations.  While Pacific Gate Works takes steps during the wood selection and manufacturing process to minimize and/or eliminate the occurrence of these aspects, completely preventing their occurrence cannot be ensured and is not covered under warranty or considered a suitable reason for product return/credit.

Moisture Level:  Pacific Gate Works wood products are made from kiln dried material and upon receipt will have a moisture level conforming with industry standard specifications.  While the products are outdoors and subject to weather variations, moisture levels can be impacted and the moisture content can vary.

Surface Finish: Although our products are sanded to a minimum of 80 grit, however, small dents may be visible. While Pacific Gate Works takes steps during the manufacturing process to minimize and/or eliminate their occurrence, completely preventing them cannot be ensured.  

Color Variation:  Western Red Cedar has natural variations in color and brightness.  These variations include yellow, pink, red, and brown tones.  The lightness of each tone may vary as well.   The tonal differences and contrast may be accentuated when a clear finish is applied.  Finishes that are higher in pigment such as ‘semi-transparent’ finishes may reduce the tonal differences.

Wood Grain:  Pacific Gate Works products are a mixture of both flat and vertical wood grain, known as mixed grain.  



Pacific Gate Works products are composed of Western Red Cedar, a type of wood that is typically considered suitable for outdoor purposes.  Wood selection is based on dimensional stability, weather resistance and rot resistance.  Pacific Gate Works wood products must be treated and maintained properly to increase longevity and structural stability.  These treatments include applying a suitable oil-based or water-based stain/product, or suitable water proofing product.  Failure to provide proper preventative maintenance to the wood products may cause excessive cracking, warping, cupping, end grain checking, and joint failure.  Failure to provide preventative maintenance of the wood, including sealing the surface of the wood to prevent excess moisture absorption and/or excessive drying, will void the warranty.

Painted Finish:  
While paint color matching is generally accurate, it is not exact.  Differences in ambient lighting as well as sheen levels (matte, semi-gloss, glossy) can affect the appearance of the color.  Color matching is done on a best effort basis, and slight differences from the color sample provided for color matching is not considered a reason for return/credit.   Painted gates are shipped with touch up paint.  Over time, minor expansion and contraction in the tongue and groove slats can reveal an unfinished portion of the ‘tongue’ portion of the tongue and groove.  The touch up paint can be used to touch up this unfinished area.  Gates that have been finished with a sealer that contains pigment, such as outdoor wood semitransparent stain, may also expose a portion of the tongue a result of slight shifting of the boards.  This type of occurrence is not covered by the product warranty.   Due to the natural tonal variation of Western Red Cedar, the color of an unfinished, oil stained or spar urethane finished gate may vary from board to board. Additionally, gates finished alike may show variation.

Warranty Description
This warranty extends to the original owner and is not transferable.   Original owner is defined as the dealer/contractor/purchaser or the initial owner of the structure where the product is initially installed.  The original dealer/contractor/purchaser acknowledges that he or she has read and understands the warranty, is bound by its terms, and agrees to provide this warranty to the owner of the structure where the product is installed.

Warranty Period:  1 year from date of product receipt

What the Warranty Covers:
Manufacturing defects, such as

• Frame joint separation
• Excessive frame (stile, rail, arch) warp.  The degree of acceptable warp is a function of gate width and height.  To determine the acceptance of warranty application, measurements related to the warp must be provided and will be assessed in terms of the impact on proper functioning of the gate.  
• Faulty powder coat adhesion on steel.  Note:  Chips in the powder coat from field use, which expose bare steel must be repaired immediately with touch up paint or powder coat touch up  to prevent corrosion from spreading.  Powder coat adhesion issues caused by this condition and failure to prevent corrosion is not covered under warranty.
• Faulty peeling of manufacturer applied paint finish on wood

Failure to provide adequate preventative maintenance of the wood, including sealing the surface of the wood to prevent excessive moisture absorption and/or excessive drying, will void the one year warranty.  

What the warranty will provide:
If we determine that there is a defect, at our option we will repair the product, ship a replacement product to the dealer/distributor or person making the claim in the same specifications as the original product, or refund the original purchase price paid to us.  

What conditions the warranty does not cover:
Aspects defined as inherent to wood products as defined in the Material Description section above and:

• Moisture content
• Unfinished areas of the tongue of tongue and groove boards that are exposed during slight shifting of the boards over time
• Narrow gaps between tongue and groove boards that may appear as a result of impact to the product and/or moisture changes This issue is generally resolved by shifting the tongue and groove slat boards back into position
• Water stains and mildew, which may be, but is not entirely caused by, water wicking into the end grain of the wood
• Damage that is caused by an impact, misuse of the product, and/or improper installation methods, vandalism, or an act of nature. Misuse examples are, but not limited to, using the gate without solid post or jamb stops, using the gate without center stops for double gates, excessive weight applied to the end of gate, allowing gate to slam in heavy wind condition thereby creating a impact stress leading to fracture(s) within the structure, over opening or over closing the gate thereby creating a bind condition which may create an impact stress leading to fracture(s) within the structure.
• Normal wear and tear and natural weathering of surfaces
• Variations in the color or texture of the wood or finish
• Surface cracks that are less than 3/64in (.05in) in width
• Surface cracks from natural weathering that do not impact the overall structural integrity/strength of the product
• Cracking of a manufacturer applied finish
• Board end checks that are less than 1/8in in width and/or 12in in length
• Problems related to improper field finishing of all surfaces, front and back and edges
• Warp for any 5ft wide by 7ft tall by 2 1/8in, or smaller product, which does not exceed 3/8in in the plane of the product itself  Products taller and wider are not guaranteed for warp
• Any costs associated with alterations, surface finishing and installation of the original product or replacement product
• Structural integrity problems caused by improper field installation of the hardware, improper sizing of the product, or other assembly issues
• Hardware that is not provided by us, such as handles, hinges, locksets, etc
• Discoloration or rusting of decorative metal accent options such as clavos, grills, metal art that is an integral part of the product (e.g. window iron art in top portion of a gate).
• Cost for the labor, removal or disposal of the defective product.


How to Request Warranty Service
If a defect or condition is observed that you believe is covered under the warranty, do one the following immediately upon discovery.
1. Email photos* showing the condition to contact@pacificgateworks.com AND
2. Fill out Page 4 at this link: PGW Warranty Request Form;  scan or fax the form to 503 925 8910

*Pictures of the both the overall gate/product in addition to closer up pictures of the problem are required to process the request.   If this product is a gate we require at least one picture showing the entire gate FROM BOTH SIDES in addition to the close up photos of the observed issue.  Any additional information you want to include would also be helpful. 
You will receive a reply within three business days after sending the form.

If it is found that the product does not have a defect covered by the warranty, we will charge an inspection fee for an onsite inspection that is required or requested.    The inspection fee will be between $75 and $200 and is contingent upon travel time.
If the claimed defect is a warp condition, we may defer replacing or repairing the product for a period of up to 12 months from the date the claim is received.  A temporary warp condition may occur as the product adjusts to local temperature and humidity.  The deferral period will not be considered part of the warranty period.
No dealer, distributor, or sales representative of Pacific Gate Works products has the authority to change, modify or expand this warranty.


PGW Warranty (PDF)