Signature Wood Gate Door, Custom Size

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Swing Direction *
Would you like to add a decorative, moisture protecting hand-hammered copper cap? *
Would you like to increase the thickness of the gate frame from 1 1/2" to 2 1/8"? This can increase durability and provides a thicker looking door. *
Would you like to add a translucent matte exterior protective wood finish? *

Features of Signature Design
-          Full privacy design
-          5/8” thick tongue and groove panels


Surface Condition:  Unfinished

In which direction will your gate swing?

What is the 'Panel Height'?

How tall do you want us to build the gate panel itself?

'Ground clearance' is the distance between the bottom of the gate and your walkway.

Gates are shipped with a 2in ground clearance and can be field adjusted by trimming the included side jambs.

How far apart are the posts, walls or columns expected to be? 

Packages include hardware to attach the two side jambs to wood posts and masonry walls & columns.

The gate and jambs are both made from solid Western Red Cedar