Signature Wood Gate Door, 42in wide x 70in tall

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Features of Signature Design
-          Full privacy design
-          5/8” thick tongue and groove panels

Surface Condition:  Unfinished


Made-To-Fit Product Notes and Specifications

In which direction will your gate swing?

Classic Series Gate Dimensions

Gate thickness = 1 1/2" 

What is the required opening size?

Includes hardware to attach the two side jambs to wood posts and masonry walls & columns.

The gate and jambs are both made from solid Western Red Cedar

Setting new posts or columns?
We suggest targeting a 45 1/4" opening size.

Two side jambs included

Jambs extend 2in below gate and can be trimmed to suit during installation

Fasteners included for attaching jambs to wood and masonry 

Copper Cap

Lessens wear-and-tear by preventing moisture and UV damage.
Fastened with exterior rated screws and removable for applying finish to wood

Exterior Protective Finish

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