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Our Shipping Process

You've placed your order, now what happens? When you order a gate from Pacific Gate Works, we take the time to craft your custom gate. Once your gate has been built to your specifications, it is carefully inspected and we get it ready to ship to you.

Wooden Gates Crafted and Shipped Directly To You

Our shipping process is slightly different for our small and large gates. Smaller gates are packaged in cardboard boxes with protective foam corners, helping to ensure that your gate arrives to your location safely and without issues.

Larger gates, because of their size, are shipped in specifically designed crates.

If you have ordered jambs with your gate, the jambs will be wrapped and packaged next to your gate in the gate box or crate. If your order includes gate hardware, this hardware will be packaged in a separate, smaller box that is generally shipped inside of the gate box.

The average weight of a gate shipped ‘in box’ is 70 pounds. Regardless of size, each gate is hand packaged and special care is taken to ensure that your gate arrives safely.

If you are unsure what size package your gate will arrive in, please give us a call. We are here to help!

Tracking Information Included For Your Peace of Mind

Once your custom wood gate has been carefully packaged, it is picked up by our shipping carrier, FedEx Freight. Within 24 hours of pick up, we will email you with tracking information so that you can track the status of your delivery.
Once your gate reaches your local FedEx terminal, you will receive a call from FedEx to schedule a delivery appointment time.

For those who order large gates: you are responsible for taking the crate from the freight truck, down to the ground and any costs associated with doing so. As crates can weigh between 200 and 500 pounds or more, a forklift, loading dock, or other means may be necessary to unload your gate from the freight truck.

It’s important to note: the carrier is not contracted to help unpackage the crate, move the crate to your garage, or to your backyard.

Inspect Your Gate Upon Arrival

At the time of delivery, we ask that you carefully inspect your gate and its packaging for any signs of damage that may have been incurred in transit. If the outer packaging has:
● any piercings
● tears of the cardboard (or wood if crated)
● is crushed or creased
You have two options: write “Packaging Damaged” on the delivery receipt retained by the delivery driver, inspect the package and gate for damage, and call us at 1-855-854-4283 OR refuse the shipment and call us at 1-855-854-4283.

While we take every precaution to help ensure that your gate arrives at your location safely, there is still the random instance of damage that is sustained in transit. We aim to deliver a perfect gate to each of our customers, so please do not hesitate to contact us if the packaging or the gate is damaged.

Once you have your gate unpackaged and installed, send us a picture! We love to see our gates installed and in their new homes!

Pacific Gate Works creates and delivers quality custom wooden gates

Have more questions about what to expect with your gate shipment? Feel free to call or use our contact form. If you’d like to know more about our custom gates, fill out our custom quote inquiry form to get your custom quote today!

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