Ask the Woodworker... Why is Tone Matching important?

You may have noticed in our recent video, “Anatomy of a Gate” that we mentioned the boards used in our gates are hand selected and tone matched. But what does tone matching really mean and why is it important to the end result of your gate?

I spent some time with George, one of our master craftsmen discussing the concept of tone matching and why this process makes a difference in the final product of a finished gate.

George explained, “Tone matching is the process of selecting individual boards and putting them together in a way that ensures the best visual end product. As each order comes in, we carefully review the boards that we have in the shop and choose a set of board for each specific gate. The goal is to have a nice mix of boards that will result in a beautiful end product. Tone matching requires a careful eye and plenty of attention to the finer details. In the end, our goal is to have a selection of boards that look both balanced and beautiful – something that we would be proud to show off in our own homes.”

Our process of carefully tone matching each board for every individual order ensures not only a uniform visual appearance, but a gate that is truly one of a kind.

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