Now Available ... Easy-Install Wood Gate!

Whether you are looking to secure your yard, pool or other enclosure, a wooden gate provides the perfect finishing tough that complements your style while securing your property.At Pacific Gate Works, creating the best quality custom wooden gates

Case Study Spotlight

We are often asked if we can fabricate a custom gate based on a picture provided by one of our customers. The answer is YES!By combining cutting edge Engineering with the highest quality raw materials, we are able to design a gate that matches almos

Made-to-Fit Gates

What is a Made-To-Fit Gate?Time and time again we are asked “can you make that gate in a wider width?” and “I LOVE your gates, but my rough opening is just a little larger than what you recommend for a standard size gate”. We love these custom re

Ask the Woodworker... Why is Tone Matching important?

You may have noticed in our recent video, “Anatomy of a Gate” that we mentioned the boards used in our gates are hand selected and tone matched. But what does tone matching really mean and why is it important to the end result of your gate?I spen

Case Study Spotlight

Custom comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, custom is a new design that we have never been built before and sometimes custom is a fresh take on a standard design built specifically to meet the needs of our customer.This set of custom Sherwood