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What is the lead time for a gate? Lead times vary depending on the gate design and size. We stock some designs and sizes which are typically available within about 1 week. You can see the lead time for a given design by clicking on the thumbnail image while browsing the Product Catalog. The lead time is noted below the price. Lead times for Pedestrian gates are typically 1-4 weeks, and for Driveway gates, typically 3-6 weeks. We also offer GatePaks which have a 1 day lead time.
  Can I buy just hardware? Yes.
What if I have to cancel my order? Cancelled orders will be subject to a cancellation fee. This fee will be a minimum of 3% of the invoice/order acknowledgement total. If the cancellation request is received after the product is already in production, the order may not be eligible for a refund. Please keep in mind that you can create a no-obligation quote online via our Product Catalog. Quotes are valid for 30 days.
Do you have previous customers I can talk to for referals? We can provide names from our customer reference list. Please email us.
Are there any gates installed in my area that I may drive by? Please email us your request, including your specific location and the type of gate you are interested in.
What is your least expensive gate? The Signature Collection is our most affordable. It is also our most versatile design, easily blending with many architectural and landscaping styles.
How much do the gates cost? Price depends on the size and design. Please browse our Product Catalog and various Collections, to learn more about the designs we offer and to find pricing for the gate you want.
  Will you call before charging the remaining balance of my order? If you pay with a credit card, and have made the 50% deposit, the remaining balance will automatically be charged to the credit card on file approximately 10 days prior to shipping. Additional information regarding payment and terms can be found on our Terms and Conditions.
Can I pay by check? We accept payment from major credit cards (Visa, M/C, AMEX, Discover). Check payments are accepted only from businesses provided the invoice is paid up front, in full.
What type of wood do you use? We use kiln-dried, clear grade Western Red Cedar for our gates. The wood has excellent dimensional stability and blends well with brick, stucco, stone and other woods such as redwood.
  What dimensions are required when building a custom gate? We will need to know the height of the gate that you would like, as well as either the width of your current opening, or the width of the gate you would like. We will determine the clearances for you and email the design for your review and approval before building.
How do I define the height of the gate? Do I tell you where I want the arch to start or where I want it to peak? For a single swing gate you can select either the low point or the high point. We use standard curvatures depening on the width of the gate, so when you define the low point of the arch, the high point is determined by the radius of the arc we use. Please note, if necessary, you can select both the low point and high point, but a custom charge may apply. For a double swing gate, you can define both the low point and the high point, with a difference of no more than 16in.
For the standard archtop gate (42x70), is 70in measured at the high point or low point (edge or peak)? On a standard size 42in wide x 70in tall archtop gate, the side height is 70in and the height point is 73 13/16in.
Can you build a gate with the tongue-and-groove slats oriented horizontally instead of vertically? Yes. It is not uncommon to alter an existing gate design to create the ideal gate for your situation. Customizations of this type would require a quote from our Custom Shop.
How thick is the steel frame? Our "L" style steel frame is typically .1875in thick. Our rectangular steel frame is typically made with 2x2 tubular steel, .120in wall.
Can I have a compound arch on a single door? Yes, please see the 'Custom Arch Profile' section of our Product Catalog.
Can I purchase metal art separately? We typically do not sell the ironwork separately for individual gates. If you have a larger project requiring multiple iron pieces, please contact us to discuss your specific needs as we have full metalworking capabilties.
Do you make sliding gates (as opposed to swinging gates)? Although we do not currently make sliding gates or sell sliding equipment, we can build gate panels which can be attached to an existing sliding mechanism by a local installer. Contact our Custom Shop for a quote.
How big are the lattice openings in the Lattice Collection? In a custom gate, the iron lattice opening can be customized to meet your preference. A standard opening is 4-3/4in square. The metal latttice is 3/4in wide x 1/8in thick.
Is it possible for me to cut down a standard size gate to fit my opening? We strongly encourage you to purchase a custom size gate if our standard gate does not fit your existing opening. While it is possible to remove up to one inch off of each edge of a gate without cutting into the joinery, we do not advise this. Trimming the edges will also remove the finish bevel that is on all finished gate edges.
Can I ship a handle set to you to have installed in my gate? How much will the installation cost? Yes, we can pre-install a handle set that you've purchased elsewhere. The standard hardware installation is available as an option to add to your online shopping cart. Handlesets requiring a non-standard installation may be pre-installed for an additional cost. Contact our Custom Shop to discuss this option.
How high does the arch rise on the standard archtop gate? 3 13/16in. This applies to the standard sized Pedestrian and Garden Archtop gates. More info.
How thick is the wood frame? The standard wood frame thickness on Pedestrian and Garden gates is 1-1/2in. The wood frame thickness can be upgraded to 2-1/8in. The standard thickness for a Driveway gate is 2-1/8in. We can also manufacture custom frame thicknesses, such as a 3in thick wood frame. Please contact our Custom Shop regarding custom frame thicknesses. More info.
  Can I modify a design I see on your website? We have a custom shop that can build your custom designs. You can email us design information or fax it to 503 925 8910.
Are jambs sold individually or in pairs? Jambs are sold singly. If you need a jamb for both sides of the gate, you will need to purchase two.
How many clavos will I need for my gate? Please refer to this chart for a guide on number of clavos. When we create the gate design documents for your review (prior to production) we will determine an exact number of clavos for your gate size and clavos layout. If the clavo quantity is adjusted we will update your invoice accordingly, therefore an approximate quantity to start the order is fine.
Will the stop be attached to the jamb when I receive it? No, the stops will need to be attached to the jambs on-site. This is typically done after the jambs and gate have been installed. Failure to install the jamb stops may lead to hinge and/or latch damage and can also cause damage to the gate itself.
What is the functional range of the wireless intercom? Wireless communication range up to 500ft. OR hardwired up to 1000ft. More info
Will the gate operator function during a power outtage? The GTO operator will be able to open and close many times, drawing from the stored power in the batteries. More info.
How should I finish/maintain my gate?

As with other wood products, your gate should be finished to provide protection from water absorption and UV damage to promote longevity and structural stability. Excessive water absorption and subsequent drying will cause excessive expansion and contraction. This can damage the mortise and tenon joints and greatly decrease the lifespan of your gate.

Using a high quality finish, like an oil-based stain, and exterior grade paint or an oil-based urethane clearcoat will minimize wood damage and increase longevity.

In our experience, good oil-based stains typically require reapplication every 2 to 3 years. We use, and recommend, Sikkens Cetol SRD 250. Paint and clear coat applications should be maintained as needed, with any chipping, peeling or flaking being re-coated right away. We offer staining and professional paint and clear coat services if you would like your gate to be finished before it is shipped to you.

  Will the gate be sanded? Yes. If you purchase your gate unfinished, it will arrive sanded and ready to accept the finish of your choice
What kind of clear coat do you use? We use Helsman, a Minwax(TM) product. Our procees includes three coats, professionally sprayed, with sanding in between coats. The result is a very smooth, semi-gloss finish. More Info.
What kind of stain do you use? We use Sikkens Cetol SRD 250 products. This is a high quality penetrating type stain that soaks into the wood.More Info
What kind of paint do you use? We use Miller Exterior paints and offer custom color matching. Our professional spray application includes 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint, with sanding in between each coat. The result is a very smooth, semi-gloss finish. More Info
Does a handleset include both sides and all parts? Yes. Our functional handlesets include handles for both sides of the gate as well as the internal mechanism and strike plate (mounted on the jamb/post). Our dummy handlesets include handles for both sides of the gate. The dummy handlesets do not include internal mechanisms or strike plates.
Do you have 'dummy' handlesets? Yes. We offer non-functiontional ('dummy') versions of the Emtek handlesets that we feature on-line. Bronze handlesets also have dummy versions available.
Are the hinge pin, nuts and bearing included with the high load hinge? Yes. The high load hinges come with two nuts, a pintle (L-shaped bolt), a ball bearing and the hinge strap. More info.
Will the deadbolt work on a door that is 1in. thick? No. (The narrowest thickness we recommend is 1.5in)
Do you have ADA compliant hardware? We offer leversets that may be considered ADA compliant. Please verify the exact requirements before ordering.
Are the hinges sold in pairs or each? Most of our hinges are sold singly. If they are sold as pairs, this will be noted in the description
How long should my strap hinges be? For gates less than 4ft wide, strap length is primarily a matter of visual personal preference. In this case, it is typical for the strap to be 1/4-1/2 the width of the gate. For single swing gates between 4ft and 5ft wide, we typically recommend using a 20in high load hinge.
How many latches do I need for a gate? Functionally, only one latch is needed per gate, whether it is a single swing (one door) or a double swing (two doors). For a double swing gate, you may want to consider also purchasing a canebolt to anchor one door to the ground, as well as a matching pull for the second door.
  How do I pick the profiles I want for my hinge? (Muliple profiles available for High Load, Medium Load and Decorative Steel Hinges) From the list in the Product Catalog, click on Gate Hardware>Hinges, then the hinge type you want (eg, Signature High Load Steel). Next you will select the desired length and handing. The next page will show each profile individually. Mark the circle next to your selection. Enter the quantity you need (These hinges are sold individually). Click 'add to cart'.
Are the latches operable from both sides? Yes. The thumb latches, ring latches, and functional handlesets are operable from both sides of the gate.
How is the handing for hinges/handle sets determined? Please click here to see the guide for both handleset and hinge handing.
What hinges should I use? Please review our hinge comparison chart for recommended applications.
Do you install the gate? Although Pacific Gate Works does not install gates, you can either (1) work with an installer from a company local to you, or (2) install the gate yourself. Garden and side gates are quite simple to install for the handy do-it-yourselfer, as well as some driveway gate projects. Our installation diagrams are a useful resource for planning the installation of your project.
How big are the gaps on each side of gate? The recommended gaps on the side of the gate depends on the hardware selected (hinges and latch) as well as the size of the gate. The gaps for your gate installation(s) will be shown on detailed design documents which we email to you 1 to 3 business days from the time of order entry.
How big is the gap between the two doors of a double swing gate? The recommended center gap for a double swing gate depends on the hardware selected (hinges and latch) and also the size of the gate. The gaps for your gate installation(s) would be shown on detailed design documents which we email to you 1 to 3 business days from the time of order entry.
How much will my gate weigh? Weight varies depending on the size and design. Garden gates typically range from 35 to 60lbs, pedestrian gates range from 40 to 120lbs, and driveway gates less than 14ft wide range from 120 to 220lbs per gate leaf. More specific weight ranges can be found under each gate listing when viewed through the Product Catalog.
Can a driveway gate swing to the street? Yes. While it is most common for a driveway gate to swing into the yard, it can be made to swing toward the street. This change will affect the hinge gaps; exact dimensions would be shown on the detailed design documents which we email to you 1 to 3 business days from the time of order entry. It is important to note that a driveway gate made to swing toward the yard will typically not be able to swing the other direction.
Do you take measurements and perform installations? No, we manufacture gates; we do not install them. In some cases the installation can be quite simple, easy enough for a handy do-it-yourselfer. Refer to our installation diagrams for more info. For larger jobs, or for those who would prefer to utilize an installation professional, you will want to find a company in your area to perform the installation. We can help coordinate the project and work with you and your installer to ensure that the process goes smoothly.
How do I attach jambs to my wall? We recommend that you attach you jamb to the wall using masonry anchors, such as a lag bolt/lead anchor system. The RedHead(R) anchoring system also works well.
What is a receiver plate? What is the offset receiver plate used for? Our receiver plates allow you to mount High Load Hinges to a masonry wall or column. The offset receiver plate is used for the bottom hinge on the each door. This plate has an offset nut (not centered on the plate) so you may attain the generally recommended 2in ground clearance. The recommended ground clearance for your gate is defined on the detailed design documents which we email to you 1 to 3 business days from the time of order entry.
Can my ground clearance be less than 2in? Yes. While our standard ground clearance is 2in, it can be as low as 1" provided that the grade is level so that the ground does not interfere with the swinging of the gate. It is also possible to increase the ground clearance. This detail is shown in the detailed design documents which we email to you 1 to 3 business days from the time of order entry.
Are the steel posts pre-drilled for the High Load hinges? No, the steel posts are not predrilled for the High Load hinge pins. Precise hinge location can vary with gate size and height. Best practice is to drill the holes after the posts have been set in a concrete footing. The high load hinge pins require a 3/4" hole and our steel posts have a typical wall thickness of .120in
Why can't some thumb latches be used in a pull-to-open situation? These latches are designed with a drop bar which engages with a 'catch', on the post or jamb. Gate latches cannot typically pull outwards because the drop bar would hit the jamb or post, thereby preventing the gate from opening. Our standard gate latch can be installed in a pull-to-open situation. Handle sets can also be installed in a pull-to-open situation. Please refer to our installation diagrams and latch comparison chart for more detail.
What happens if my opening is uneven (narrower at top/bottom)? A difference of 1 /4" can be considered acceptable for a gate latch. A difference of 1/8" is considered acceptable if using a handleset. It is best to make the surfaces as plumb as possible, therefore making the opening even. If you have a masonry wall, the best method is to install jambs and shim the jambs so that the hinging and latching surfaces are plumb.
How is the metal art protected from rust and corrosion? All metal art options are double powder coated. This is a surface coating process that is very protective against rust. Under normal conditions, the powder coating does not need to be treated.
Can I purchase metal art separately? We typically do not sell the ironwork separately for individual gates. If you have a larger project requiring multiple iron pieces, please contact us to discuss your specific needs as we have full metalworking capabilties.
How will my gate hold up to the environment?

Western Red Cedar is widely known for its outstanding rot and insect resistance. To promote longevity, our gates feature:

• Clear grade, kiln-dried, Western Red Cedar
provides superior dimensional stability.

• A variety of metal art options such as castings, welded bar and precision profiled steel provide excellent design flexibility and character.

• Metal art options are finished with a
protective powder coating

• Wood frame (arch, rails and stiles) is assembled
using mortise and tenon joinery.

• Panels are constructed with tongue and groove slats that float within the rail and stile framework, preventing stress at the frame joints that results from normal expansion and contraction due to weather changes.

Tongue and groove slats prevent unattractive gaps which would appear on gates without tongue and groove pieces. This type of construction also prevents the slats from rattling during use.

Interlocking construction eliminates the need for visible fasteners while increasing gate stability.

• A variety of professional finishing options protect your gate from the elements.

Where are you located? We are located in Sherwood, Oregon 12 miles southwest of Portland. All of our gates are manufactured at this location.
Do you have a brochure you can mail me? We have marketing literature that we can mail to you, however our website acts as our catalog and displays our latest design offerings and pricing information, as well as an extensive photo gallery.
What is your mailing address?

Sederra PGW
13780 SW Galbreath Drive
Building A
Sherwood, OR 97140

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Can a single door be made with a Compound Arch?

Yes, please see the 'Custom Arch Profile' section of our Product Catalog.

Can you install a mortise lockset? Yes. This would require a quote from our Custom Shop. Standard mechanism installations, as shown here, can be added to your order online. NOTE: mortise sets cannot be intalled on gates of 1.5" thickness.
  Where do I find prices for gates and hardware? Our product offering is available online via our Product Catalog. Anything listed in the product catalog can be purchased online.
Where can you ship your products?
We ship our products throughout the Continguous U.S., Hawai'i and Canada. Other locations can often be accomodated as well.
  How much does it cost to ship a gate? See our our flat rate shipping chart
  How will my gate be packaged and shipped?
Our gates are shipped in specialty packaging and can be shipped to residences or businesses. Shipments are sent via ground freight service. Some larger gates may require a pallet with a protective covering.
Do ship gates and hardware to Alaska? No. Unfortunately we are not able to ship our products to Alaska.
  Is overnight shipping available? We can ship in-stock hardware as well as in-stock garden gates overnight. Non-stock hardware and other gates cannot be shipped overnight. Email us for a shipping quote. Orders must be received by 10am PST to ship out the same day and arrive the following business day (Saturday/Sunday delivery not included).
  What time will my Will Call order be ready to pickup? Will Call orders are ready for pickup between 3pm and 5pm on the date the order is due to be complete, which is communicated to you during the order acknowledement and/or after you approve your design. We will also call you within a few days of the order completion date to confirm the pickup date.
  Will the shipping company bring the gate into my garage/back yard/up the stairs? The freight company will deliver your order to your property and place it on the ground. They are not responsible for placing the gate in a certain location on your property, for example in your garage.
  Does the shipping company deliver to my house or do I have to pick it up at my local hub? Our shipping rates includes residential delivery; you do not have to pick the gate up at the shipping terminal. For gate orders, the freight company will contact you to arrange for a delivery appointment when the shipment is at the local terminal.
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